Wednesday, November 7, 2012

What Kids Say..

Part of being Mrs. Coons is the kindergarten teacher part. It's a big part; after all I spend more of my "awake time" with my 16 little Kindles than I do with Mr. Coons. These littles keep me laughing, occasionally make me cry, always bring a smile to my face and rarely drive me so crazy that I'm upset. Maybe some of these conversations I've had over the last week will put a smile on your face too.

"Mrs. Coons, where did you get that ring? I want one like that."
"Well, that's my wedding ring. Mr. Coons gave it to me. You'll get one when you get engaged and married."
"Yeah. My mom has one of those too but her diamond is much, MUCH bigger."

"The Pilgrims and Puritans came to America on a ship called the Mayflower."
"I thought it was called the Cauliflower?"

(Backstory for this one - I work in a private Christian school; my mom just had a double lumpectomy on her breast cancer; we usually pray for God to 'place a healing hand' on someone) "Dear God, we pray for Mrs. Coons' mom. Please heal a hand on her."

(Showing a picture of bare trees) "Do our trees outside look like this right now? Or will it  take a few more months for the trees to lose their leaves?"
"Our trees don't look like that! The trees in that book are butt naked!"

Oh how I love these sweeties.

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Almost One Year In...

I will tell you, I am still learning to become Mrs. Coons. This will be an ongoing process as I take on the upcoming years of our marriage, but there is nothing more worth it to me. As I type this Mr. Coons is telling me that watching Ryan Lochte is like "looking in a mirror." Let's be honest, Mr. C is more of a "Phelps" than a "Lochte" but I'm not about to dash his hopes and dreams. ;)

Have you all had a grand summer? Mine has been crazy! My first week of vacation is coming up TOMORROW! (Insert Hallelujah chorus) We will be heading to Panama City Beach with our best friends on Thursday so be on the lookout for some photos of that. Let's hope that they are legitimate photos from my DSLR & not Instagram photos, but no promises.

Mrs. Coons lately:

My fellow teachers/TAs and I went to a wedding at Biltmore for our sweet Kindergarten co-worker, A.

A & G are now married! Congrats, lovelies!

                      I turned this ^                         into                               this ^.

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Saturday, November 12, 2011

[happy pinning]

Hello lovies!

I'm going to do a quick post of what I'm currently pinning before I slide out the door for kickboxing class. If you aren't following me on Pinterest here is the link:

Cute way to give a gift card.On my list to the colorsBurlap & Lace Desert Table with poms.Tutus for the flower girls. What little flower girl wouldn't want one?!So. bloody. cute.Our kid is destined to be hipster...I love a good bike photo.this yellow dresser is fabulous

What are you pinning today?

Wednesday, November 9, 2011


Hello Brudders and Dollies (just a little Bahamian speak for "guys" and "gals"), okay let's face it, no brudders are reading, but some dollies are! Hubcap and I just got back from our honeymoon cruise to Freeport and Nassau in the Bahamas!

It was tres lovely to escape from the Kindles for a few school days and spend all day every day with the love of my freaking life. Side note: at dinner, while eating escargot and drinking Cabernet, Husband finally decided that he wants to learn French with me. Heller! It's about dang time!

I'm going to be honest now, and if you think I'm a snooty arse snob then so be it. I was not very impressed by the Bahamas. Paradise Island (Atlantis) was nice. We spent some time on a private beach there. Freeport and Nassau, however, were very industrial and while tourism is the island's main source of income, they did not cater to tourists nearly as much as I would have thought. All in all I would have preferred that we went to Mexico. I. love. Mexico. Cozumel, Cancun, Costa Maya, Cabo San Lucas, I love them all! At least now we know where we are going on our next vacation!

Or maybe Africa... Hubcap has been to Kenya a few times. I've stayed in the Western Hemisphere - Caribbean islands, Mexico, Honduras... Or Europe? Neither of us has been there yet...

Oh. And we're going to take some friends next time. We love being alone and spending time together, but tell me who is going to take our couple pictures when it is just the two of us? Yes, I had my remote, but let's face it, I'm definitely not propping up my camera with a thousand people around in a slightly sketch foreign island just so I can get a cutesy photo of the two of us in front of one landmark or another.

Where did your best vacation take place? Or your worst, I'd love to know.

Saturday, October 29, 2011

[Mom of a Dog]

Let's face it. I'm probably being a bad "doggie mom" right now. I put our little cocker spaniel outside for some fresh air about an hour ago and she's beginning to worry that I forgot that she exists. I can see her standing on her outside doghouse trying to look into the living room window (we have blackout curtains - I can see her, she can't see me) and she is whining at the top of her little pup lungs.

Bad mom or not, she's staying out there. We have to push the little birds out of the nest every once in a while, right?

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

[his job sucks.]

I have finally discovered the first suckage of our married life: Mr. C working 12 hour shifts all week. I know it could be worse, but it is what it is. Don't get me wrong, it definitely does not suck to read InStyle, drink ridiculous amounts of coffee, and lounge in yoga clothes while watching Bridesmaids for a couple hours before he gets home but that begins to make me feel a little Real Housewives.

I mean, last night I cooked this big dinner and everything was all lovely when he got home, but let's face it, I would be burnt out if I tried that every night. Tonight Mr. C is going to have to settle for clean laundry and the pets fed. Don't judge, it's easier to feed a dog and a cat than it is an adult man. ;) If I could pour some dry food into a bowl and set it on the ground and he'd be happy; I would probably do just that.

I just realized that sounds demented. Don't call a psych ward; I promise I don't feed my husband cat food.

On that note,
Mrs. Coons

Sunday, October 23, 2011

[we're married!]

I know that by now I am you guys' worst friend ever, right?

If you have decided to love me again then you are the but if you have deserted, I cannot hold it against you, I've been gone for 2 months!

We finally have internet in the house! Whoo! I went without it for the past 2 months, aside from Facebook and Pinterest via my handy little Droid, but it really isn't the same as having all of my favorite bloggers on my big ol' laptop screen.

As I mentioned, I am now THE Mrs. Coons! Holla!
We were married on September 24 on Tybee Island. PS I can't believe we've almost been married a month! We-erd.

We then lived in wedded bliss with a side of stress since our reception was on October 8 back here in Atlanta. I had to finalize everything while being newly married AND both of us working our little arses off at our jobs. Don't get me wrong, my little Kindles (these would be my students) are great and I love teaching, but it is HARD to be on while your mind is focused on a wedding/reception.

Anyway, the reception turned out beautifully and I was so happy to have my very best friends, Colin and Heather S. at our home and reception. They helped me more than they will ever know! I wish I had all of our reception pictures back from our photog, but as a wedding photographer
myself, I know that these things take time! Here are some from her sneaky peaky though:
So now that the festivities are over for the most part (after all, we still have our honeymoon next weekend) it is nice to settle into marriage.

We are enjoying not having to plan a time to see one another. After all, I know he'll be home eventually. ;)

What is your favorite part about being married? Or your favorite part of not being married?

The now Mrs. Coons

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