Wednesday, March 16, 2011

[procrastination, save-the-dates, and 4 weddings]

Today is the day in which I will need to finish addressing Save The Date cards. I will be so happy to have those shipped out; they have been taking up my desk for more than two weeks now waiting for addresses to be artfully calligraphed onto them.

First, I was able to put them off by touting that I needed everyone's addresses. Now I have them.
Then, I needed future hubs to get all of his people's addresses. He did that. I have them.
Now, I realise that this whole time it was just procrastination.

Procrastination has become the name of the game lately. I have my graduation in sight (4 weeks!) and yet I have the worst case of senioritis known to man. It is hard to force myself to do my work and read my textbooks. I guess it has spilled over into wedding planning as well. Granted, I have a while to get things done (little under 7 months), in fact longer than most people have for their entire engagement even though we have been engaged for 3 months already.

I am looking forward to the upcoming events, however. Though they all begin AFTER graduation so I have to make it there first.
Well I do have a wedding coming up - March 26th - which will be fun. It will be my first wedding job of the year and it will be good to bring the camera back up to speed with some creativity.

After grad is when the real magic happens. Things to which I am looking forward:

  1. Spending the week between my graduation and her graduation with my best friend, Heather.
  2. Her wedding-ish the day after her graduation. (They are having a pre-wedding reception before their destination wedding)
  3. Warrior Dash!
  4. Going to Honduras for the 7th year in a row in June.
  5. My good friends' wedding [insert Krystal & Stephen here].
  6. New job?
  7. Getting a house for the Mr. and me.
  8. Getting married [whoooo!] on Oct. 8.

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