Sunday, June 26, 2011

[you didn't even want to know these things...]

Today's Top 5 Things...
[Things You Don't Know About Me]

1. I collect vintage cameras. This is due to many things, but mostly because I am a photographer and I love the feel of a camera in my hands. There isn't anything quite like holding a metal SLR camera in one's hands after one is so used to just tossing her D-SLR over her shoulder and moving about. The feel of my Minolta film SLR is exhilarating; not the feel alone, of course, because I love shooting with it as well. Ahhh cameras...

2. I am engaged to a rock star. I know, I know, this is awesome. Really, though, my fiance is the lead man in the band, The Exchange. So...that's pretty cool....

3. I'm having an unusual wedding. We are getting married with just our parents and siblings in attendance on a beach in Georgia and then two weeks later having our reception in Atlanta with all of our friends and relatives. Bizarre, huh?

4. I love crafts and painting. Me and every other blogger, I guess. However, I never cease to be amazed that God passed along His creative power and mind to us simple humans. That we have the power to create; to create more human beings, to create books, to create houses, to create works of art, is almost unbelievable. We are special creatures, that is certain.

5. I am a health nut. Hubcap is not. A friend of ours noticed this last night at the bar. I had ordered a turkey sandwich, soup and Diet Coke and the almost Mr. ordered fried chicken fingers, fries, and a Sweetwater Road Trip.  See the difference?


  1. Can you use those cameras to take pictures of the 2 week later reception and the rock star?
    Weddings are fun.
    Also... I wouldn't mind some pictures of you bling since I'm in the "engagement ring obsession" stage...


  2. #3 - brilliant. I got married 5 years ago and I still wish I would have done this! Love it. #5 sounds like us - I'll order something like a soup and salad (but then usually borrow a chicken finger) ;) I love your blog!


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