Monday, July 4, 2011

[31 for 31 - Day 4 and 4th of July]

Happy Independence Day from Atlanta, folks!!

I hope you are all having a lovely fourth of July!! Mr. C and I celebrated with his whole family last night at his brother's house. I took quite a few pictures but there are none of me & him or me and any of my friends who were there. Oh well we'll probably get some tonight :) I'm headed off to an annual pool party/BBQ with church friends and then our annual tradition of watching the fireworks at the mall (see above). Here are a few of my favorite photos from yesterday.
Mr. C going for the football

This was how they kept the keg cool outside: trashcan of ice with duct tape insulation. Apparently it was the engineer of the group who came up with this nifty invention...the keg coozie.

Mr. C's niece & nephew

She's about to be my niece! How cute is she?

Corn hole - one of the many games played.


Brother G, nephew CR, Mr. C., nephew JR (I know that his nephew is the same age, long story) and brother BR. Big old family!

Backyard golf - another serious family game.

Nephew JR tossing another niece in the air! Good thing his mom didn't see this!

I didn't get any firework pictures because I was sans tripod but I will definitely be on that bandwagon tonight when there are huge ones! And before I forget, here is my Day 4 of 31 for 31. I know that I do not look very patriotic, I'm sorry. I didn't really factor that into my 31 items...

Accessories include a bangle from Morocco (the country, not a shop), a ring from New York & Company and earrings from Simply Vera by Vera Wang.

Once again, Happy Independence Day! I hope that is lovely for you!!


  1. aw congratulations on the engagement! cute blog--new follower!

  2. Well thank you, Kelley! I enjoyed my visit over to yours as well! :)


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