Tuesday, July 5, 2011

[31 for 31 - Day 5]

First things first, Day 5 of 31 for 31!
Accessories include a leopard print scarf that my bestie brought back from China for me and a wooden bangle that I brought back from Honduras for myself. Additionally, the future Mr. really liked this outfit, so that's always a plus. 

It's Tuesday! It's summer! It's 81 days until I adopt a 23 year old man for the rest of my life. So I'm just appreciating the small things!

When I was living in Mississippi, going to college, I heard one particular phrase used quite a bit. To me it seems that it is only a Mississippi thing, but maybe you have heard it in other parts of the world... The thing is: they call little gifts, given for no reason, "happies."

For instance, if I just came up to you and gave you a precious little headband I would say "This is for you. It's just a little happy." It was for no reason and they don't expect anything back, they just knew you would like it. That's good old southern hospitality, for "y'all." Don't be fooled, just because I'm from Atlanta, and Atlanta is in Georgia, and Georgia is in the South, does not mean that I am southern. Atlanta pretty much dissociates itself from the South. But I digress...

Today I felt like I had just received a bunch of "happies" from God. You know, those days where you just all of a sudden count your blessings and realize how good you have it? So I think I'll just detail some of the little things that I'm loving today.

  • Chick-fil-A sweet tea. If you don't expect this from me by now then you should just walk away.
  • Spending a Tuesday evening just listening to future husband play and sing as he prepares to audition for American Idol. Will we see you at the audition in Charleston?
  • My handy Droid that tells me when I need to not wear heels because it will rain and pulls up handy coupons when I'm at Gap buying a wedding shirt for the Mr.
  • Time spent with my mother-in-law as she reminisces about years past, old loves, her kids, and stories about Elvis and JFK.
  • Planning a trip to get a piano from Mr. C's dad so that we can have a large musical instrument in our September house.
  • All of the blogs that I'm currently following that inspire me, humor me and challenge me; you all are a little "happy" every day.

Well those are just a few of my little happies today, folks! What are yours?


  1. I have a friend that goes to Emory in ATL
    So i know the drive from there to here (FWB Florida) is kind of ridic, but I wish you both were closer so I could have a new friend and an old friend :)

  2. We will just have to meet up one day when I'm down there! I go to Destin once a year; that isn't too far from FWB is it?

  3. Your hubby will be auditioning for American idol? How cool is that? I don't watch tv buy if you tell me when I'll so be rooting for him. I kept meaning to say it for a while now: you guys are such a hot couple!!!

  4. @Elena: Yep! We hope that he makes it! They do a big cattle call and then they do callbacks for "semi-finals" which takes place in front of the celebrity judges. I'll definitely keep you posted on what goes down.
    And thank you! Hardly, though, compared to you & your hubs! Your bebe inevitably has the world's best genes! :)


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