Wednesday, July 6, 2011

[31 for 31 - Day 6]

Guys, I know I've been super slacking on my posts and you guys are probably already sick of just seeing what I'm wearing. I have had a crraazy busy week and just can't seem to get anything done on the homefront: cleaning, blogging, etc. I'm lucky that I manage to shower everyday. So until I can get my shiz together here is what you'll have to content yourselves with: what I'm wearing.

Clearly I woke up on the 70s boho side of the bed this morning. I'm wearing a Forever21 grey maxi dress and Forever21 brown leather boots. Uhh I didn't realise that they were both from the same store until just now. Fate. I accessorized with only an American Eagle vest and a cotton belt from Kohl's c/o Simply Vera collection.

Well I'm off to be the speaker at a youth event! Ta-ta for today!


  1. How cute - I looove maxi dresses and skirts. This one looks super comfy. And lovely :) Love it with the boots, unexpected and cute! Good for you for speaking at a youth event.. teens? I find them very difficult, ha.

  2. You are adorable!! I definitely need a maxi dress. You convinced me!! : )

  3. @Rachel: I used to be a girl's youth leader when I lived in Mississippi but last night was different since the kids were older and there were boys too. I was a little intimidated, I can't lie!

    @Megan: Do it! It's really just laziness on my part, though, since I know that I only have to put on one item ;)


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