Thursday, July 7, 2011

[31 for 31 - Day 7]

It's the last day of the first week! It has already been fun and challenging! I am currently headed out to our nearest Plato's Closet to donate 3 garbage bags full of my sister's clothes that once upon a time I had handed down to her. I figure it's only fair that I get whatever possible off of these clothes since I originally put all of the money into them. Whatever is left over will definitely get donated though, so don't think I'm super selfish. I'm a philanthropist, people, I promise! ;)

My items used today are: striped American Eagle v-neck, Elle shorts, and American Eagle leopard print flats. Accessories are numerous today, a fabric flower that I made in my hair, suspenders, and 2 wooden bangles from Honduras and the gold bangle you saw on Day 4. Well that's all for today, folks!


  1. You look like a model from a catalog

  2. Um have I ever told you that you are my new bestie? Lol for real, you are too sweet!


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