Saturday, July 16, 2011

[saturday letters]

Dear Mr. C,
Last night we went and watched your old roommate rock it out with his band at the Alamo. It was awesome. I'm sorry that I won't be as awesome of a roommate as he was. I will say things like "we have a hamper for a reason!" and "can you pick up some tea bags from the store?" I'd like to think that even though I'll be a different roommate, you'll still like me better. Right?

Dear 70 days til our wedding,
(Holy dang! It's only 70 days til our wedding?!) I have a lot of things to get done during your short hours. Not the least of these are: ordering my bouquet, mailing our invitations, scheduling my hair, makeup and nail appointments, deciding on wedding shoes, re-booking our honeymoon (ugh long story), and getting all of our little decorations for the reception. I think I can make it. I hope... And well, if I don't, it's no big deal, those things are just things and at the end of the day I'll be a newlywed, and we all know they wear rose colored glasses anyway. ;)

Dear September house,
I will call you that for as long as we both shall live, or rather, as long as (almost)husband and I reside in you. I cannot wait to take possession of you in...September. Be afraid, though, be very afraid. I will conquer you! You will no longer look like a house in the 'burbs, you will be the dark, metal-y, industrial home that me & the Mr. love. I know, right now you are filled with yellow and orange, but that's got to be traded for grey on the walls, organic feeling elements, charcoal cabinets, and stark white. I'm so excited to give you an overhaul and make you ours!

Dear wedding gown, you hang in your cloth bag from the frame around my closet. You are like a Christmas present that sits, waiting in the corner, in the middle of October, just taunting the name on the gift tag to dive into your mysterious goodies. Secretly, though, you know that I do dive into you on occasion, when no one is around and I just sit on my couch wearing you. We have good times together, you and I. I can't wait to make a memory in you - marrying the man of my dreams.


  1. September is a good month, aside from birthday reasons ;)
    Where is the house?

  2. I would so have worn my wedding dress all the time if I had had it before the wedding! How fun!

  3. @Kaysie: It is only about 10 miles from where he lives now! And yes, September is AWESOME!

    @Rachel: Oh I dress up all the time!;) Once was unfortunate, though, because I couldn't get out of it! I couldn't manage to twist my arms to unzip it, so I was stuck for a while until my sister came home!

  4. haha that would be so difficult to look at my wedding dress day in and day out for months... just waiting for the day when i can wear it... but mainly waiting for the day that the dress means..

    how exciting for you!!


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