Sunday, July 24, 2011


I know you are so intrigued by my title. I also know that you think, "Wow, that Kayla sure is clever. She states one word encompassing what the entire post will consist of and yet she doesn't bother to make it witty or thought provoking, she just inserts one, singular word. Brilliant."

Well, I should tell you that shoes are my, like most women's, addiction. It's true. I hate that I love them so much, really I do (no I don't, who am I kidding?). This isn't really a problem for me and the (almost) husband. However, he does get a kick out of telling me, while I'm drooling over a particular pair, that I have two pairs just like it on my shoe tree. "But not THIS pair...."

Okay, the addiction is bad, I tell you. Admitting is the first step, right? I have 52 pairs of shoes. I'm turning into Imelda Marcos (minus my husband being an embezzling crook) oh and also minus the fact that I have 1, 008 less pairs than she did...

This 31 for 31 has taught me that I miss my shoes more than anything else that I can be content with fewer clothes and with being more creative. I have had to survive wearing only 6 pairs of shoes for 24 days now, all the while my other little pretties are beckoning me to secretly wear them around the house and then change into the challenge shoes when I go out (what? that doesn't happen...clearing throat...)

During the 31 for 31 I'm not supposed to buy anything new. And I hadn't...until yesterday. Here's the back story:
I found these adorable heels at Urban Outfitters way back at the start of my challenge but said, "no, self, you cannot buy those lovely things until you are done with your challenge." So I refrained from buying them and instead contented myself with pinning them on Pinterest and subsequently going to urban outfitters online to look at them daily (I'm not obsessive, I'm not obsessive, I'm not...). Well then one day last week I visited my favorite shoes and the most horrible thing popped up on my screen! It was a white box with menacing blue letters which read "Sold Out." Noooo!!!! I was pretty sad about it. I think I even told MC that I cried over them (I didn't, but I wanted to).

Fast forward to last night. We were sitting on the couch watching How I Met Your Mother re-runs and I noticed that Robin was wearing Louboutins. I said this aloud, not really to MC, because I know he doesn't care, but aloud nonetheless. Which he then responded to with, "huh?" "Louboutins. Like the shoes." "How do you know they are Lou Vuitton?" "Louboutin, silly. And because they have a red sole which is specific to him." "Oh..."

I then proceeded to pull up the Christian Louboutin website on my phone and show him shoes with red soled. Mistake. I started drooling. I pulled up shoe after shoe, showing it to him and oohing and ahhing but ultimately asking him to guess how much each cost and then shocking him by quoting a price that was 10x what he guessed. This inspired another game.

I would open up the thumbnail page that showed 4 shoe thumbnails at a time and would make him guess which ones I liked best. I told him I was training him for the day when he goes out and buys me shoes on his own to surprise me. I did this with several other websites, gradually getting less and less expensive until I was on the Aldo shoes website showing him shoes. He picked the shoes he thought I would like for a couple of times until he noticed the prices on these shoes and said "Hey these are cheap! Why aren't we buying you these?" Now that is the attitude I like to hear!

Eventually I went back on the UO website to see if perhaps something close to my shoes resided there and you know what?! They were back in stock! $20 cheaper, I might add! (Insert Hallelujah chorus) Without even thinking of my challenge I pushed the "add to cart" and "checkout" button in less than a second. The process ended with me hugging the hubs and telling him that "I am just so happy."

I know that was a long story, and congratulations if you made it this far. However, if I can't share my joy with you over shoes, what can I share with you?


  1. I am such a shoe person too, and love Urban
    ModCloth gets some goods sometimes too :)
    Does your spending get you in as much trouble as mine?

  2. Well I tend to float back and forth. For a quality pair I'll spend a good bit but I also love to buy inexpensive trendy shoes!


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