Thursday, June 30, 2011

[awkward & awesome thursday]

Ta-da it is not late per se, though some of you start posting at the crack of freaking dawn. Or you auto-post, in which case I know that you are like me and doing your writing at night...

It is Awkward & Awesome Thursday. I know you're excited because my life is more awkward than awesome; and it's more fun to read about awkwardness than the great stuff that happens, I know.

1. I think I'm the only blogger I know who isn't pregnant. I mean really, where's the water you guys are drinking, remind me that I need to avoid it for a couple years. I won't lie, I'm a teensy jealous of your little munchkins and your growing bellies (don't tell fiance, though, he might get scared and run away). To see some of the preggo bloggers to whom I'm referring see Sydney, Elena, Bonnie, and Bridget. Stick around, follow them, they are quite the humorous bunch.

2. I always have one tiny really noticeable chunk of hair at the nape of my neck that just can't manage to be a pal and get into my ponytail with the rest of them. Come on, dude, get with the program.
Also awkward: that the photo didn't download from my phone completely...ugh...

3. My bloody computer screen. It was dropped like 2 months ago and it looks like someone took a butcher knife to it. See Exhibit A:

4. How about this one: I got an eye infection, a sliced cornea or something and had to wear this heinous contraption on my face at night.
Cute, right?
5. I scheduled two dates for tonight. Luckily one of them called and apologized profusely for not being able to meet me for dinner tonight. I must admit that I just went with it and let her apologize. Live and let live, right? Yeah no, I know, I'm a bad person. Better that she thinks that I remembered our date, though, right? Right?!

1. A chipmunk scampered back and forth in front of my feet for an hour this morning while I was on the porch reading. Too bad I don't have ninja reflexes with my camera phone...
2. Fiance's cat has an obsession with me and she all of a sudden defers to me, not him. Success!

3. I made a kick-arse craft today. I am so not clever enough to dream it up myself, it's from Bethany.
I started with a plain white mug that I've been wanting to jazz up, a synthetic paintbrush, and Rust-oleum chalkboard paint with which we have been planning to decorate like every surface of our September home (yes, that's what fiance and I are calling the home that we are getting in, you guessed it, September).

I painted the chalkboard paint onto the mug and then it will require 3 days of sitting, some conditioning and then it will be ripe and ready for new drawings and designs every morning.
This is her photo of the finished product.

4. Fear Factor is returning!! Please tell me that you guys remember that show... Mr. C. and I have lately been into 101 Ways to Leave a Game Show and every time we watch it we say "Remember Fear Factor?" "Yeah, that was a good one..." Well now we've found out that it is making its way back into our DVR - Hallelujah!
Also in our DVR: Spouse vs. House, Drew Carey's Improv-a-ganza, Income Property, The Newlywed Game, Reruns of How I Met Your Mother (it just never gets old), My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding, and Storytellers: Ray Lamontagne. Wow...a person's DVR sure says a lot about them...perhaps I shouldn't have given such a revealing look at my life. Now I'm exposed!

5. Fifth and final (because it is the absolute most awesome thing) "Awesome" for Awkward and Awesome Thursday is...*drumroll*

Fiance is on iTunes!!!

It would really do me proud if you would be so kind as to download it here. I'd take it as a personal favor.

That's all I have for your reading enjoyment today, folks. Say "aye aye" if you'd like to hear from a guest blogger sometime in the near future. I mean you can just say "I'd love to see one of your real life friends post on your blog that they didn't even know existed" but I think it's more fun to say "aye aye."


  1. three girls for the nonpregnant ladies! I ain't either guh, but I am jealous too... I tell boyfriend that I have baby cravings.
    he's past the point of being alarmed

  2. Ok, girl, it's easy! You soooo don't need to be pregnant now! You need to get married, have a ton of crazy fun with hubby for a couple of years and THEN start thinking about a baby. Pregnancy isn't a walk in the park, and I hear kids are even more difficult. Have fun with your babe as long as you can. Trust me! We waited 8 years and I wouldn't have it any other way.

    And WOW to your bloody murdered screen- scaaaary!

  3. @Kaysie: I get like 3 seconds worth of baby fever and then I'm right back to shuddering at the thought of crack of day feedings, diapers out the wazoo, spit up and NEVER another moment alone. Though I do have those 3 seconds where I think "aww they are so cute they can't possibly turn into an evil teen one day." haha

    @Elena: Oh yeah, I'm definitely with you! Barring some sort of crazy accident, future mr. and I are planning to wait between 5-10 years before embarking on that...adventure. I'm so excited for you guys though, because I know you are ready and prepared to take that step!!

  4. Oh I can't believe that thing you have to wear on your eye! That is awkward at least it's only when you sleep :) it's super cute your boys kitty loves you best


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