Thursday, June 30, 2011

[SWAT evacuation]

You should know that I had a heck of a day today. Stay tuned for tomorrow's post about being evacuated from my home by the SWAT team while my neighbor across the street fired off a gun. I know you're excited, but you'll just have to wait.

[awkward & awesome thursday]

Ta-da it is not late per se, though some of you start posting at the crack of freaking dawn. Or you auto-post, in which case I know that you are like me and doing your writing at night...

It is Awkward & Awesome Thursday. I know you're excited because my life is more awkward than awesome; and it's more fun to read about awkwardness than the great stuff that happens, I know.

1. I think I'm the only blogger I know who isn't pregnant. I mean really, where's the water you guys are drinking, remind me that I need to avoid it for a couple years. I won't lie, I'm a teensy jealous of your little munchkins and your growing bellies (don't tell fiance, though, he might get scared and run away). To see some of the preggo bloggers to whom I'm referring see Sydney, Elena, Bonnie, and Bridget. Stick around, follow them, they are quite the humorous bunch.

2. I always have one tiny really noticeable chunk of hair at the nape of my neck that just can't manage to be a pal and get into my ponytail with the rest of them. Come on, dude, get with the program.
Also awkward: that the photo didn't download from my phone completely...ugh...

3. My bloody computer screen. It was dropped like 2 months ago and it looks like someone took a butcher knife to it. See Exhibit A:

4. How about this one: I got an eye infection, a sliced cornea or something and had to wear this heinous contraption on my face at night.
Cute, right?
5. I scheduled two dates for tonight. Luckily one of them called and apologized profusely for not being able to meet me for dinner tonight. I must admit that I just went with it and let her apologize. Live and let live, right? Yeah no, I know, I'm a bad person. Better that she thinks that I remembered our date, though, right? Right?!

1. A chipmunk scampered back and forth in front of my feet for an hour this morning while I was on the porch reading. Too bad I don't have ninja reflexes with my camera phone...
2. Fiance's cat has an obsession with me and she all of a sudden defers to me, not him. Success!

3. I made a kick-arse craft today. I am so not clever enough to dream it up myself, it's from Bethany.
I started with a plain white mug that I've been wanting to jazz up, a synthetic paintbrush, and Rust-oleum chalkboard paint with which we have been planning to decorate like every surface of our September home (yes, that's what fiance and I are calling the home that we are getting in, you guessed it, September).

I painted the chalkboard paint onto the mug and then it will require 3 days of sitting, some conditioning and then it will be ripe and ready for new drawings and designs every morning.
This is her photo of the finished product.

4. Fear Factor is returning!! Please tell me that you guys remember that show... Mr. C. and I have lately been into 101 Ways to Leave a Game Show and every time we watch it we say "Remember Fear Factor?" "Yeah, that was a good one..." Well now we've found out that it is making its way back into our DVR - Hallelujah!
Also in our DVR: Spouse vs. House, Drew Carey's Improv-a-ganza, Income Property, The Newlywed Game, Reruns of How I Met Your Mother (it just never gets old), My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding, and Storytellers: Ray Lamontagne. Wow...a person's DVR sure says a lot about them...perhaps I shouldn't have given such a revealing look at my life. Now I'm exposed!

5. Fifth and final (because it is the absolute most awesome thing) "Awesome" for Awkward and Awesome Thursday is...*drumroll*

Fiance is on iTunes!!!

It would really do me proud if you would be so kind as to download it here. I'd take it as a personal favor.

That's all I have for your reading enjoyment today, folks. Say "aye aye" if you'd like to hear from a guest blogger sometime in the near future. I mean you can just say "I'd love to see one of your real life friends post on your blog that they didn't even know existed" but I think it's more fun to say "aye aye."

[SWAT evacuation]

Well yesterday was a day much like any other. I spent an hour reading my favorite blogs while drinking my chai latte on the porch swing. I then wrote my blog post for the day, cleaned the refrigerator, did the dishes and made my bed. I ate lunch and watched an episode of Monk on Netflix. Following these little projects I embarked on the hour long process of making potato soup.

Aside: While making potato soup at 4:00 I heard what I believed to be three little pops of fireworks. I thought to myself "well someone is a little too overanxious for the Fourth" but thought nothing else of it.

I did some other cleaning and cooking for the next half hour until my sister came to me and said "There is a police officer trying to climb over our fence." "Huh?" I went to the kitchen window, and sure enough a cop with a shotgun is trying to hop our fence. Uh hellooo we have a gate... I went outside onto our porch, since he's hopping into our backyard, and ask if I can help him with anything. He told me "everything's fine, just get back in your house."

Okay either everything is fine and dandy OR I should get back in my house because those don't really mesh. But I went back into the house and my sister and I made rounds of all of the windows in the house trying to see what was happening from every possible angle. Being that I'm living with my folks until I move in with fiance in September, I called my mom and told her that our road was likely blocked off and she would have a hard time getting in if she came home. Fortunately she was able to park in the neighborhood across from ours and she was standing with a group of officers at the end of the road.

I was told that there were shots fired and that one had penetrated my next door neighbor's front door. Creepy! I sent my sister down to the laundry room which is all brick and doesn't have any windows and I kept watch from the upstairs window. My mom then called back saying to get our stuff because we were about to be evacuated. We were to stay low until they got us out of there. I yelled at Hollyn to put some shoes on, threw on my own Toms, grabbed my purse, contemplated grabbing my camera, turned off the stove and waited, crouched, by the back door.

Thirty excruciating seconds later two SWAT officers approach our dining room window off of our porch with rifles strapped to their chests. They motion for us to come out together. I lock the door and we duck behind the carport closet. They tell us to stay there until it's clear. We are then ushered down into our yard and behind the bushes below our porch, each of us told to hang very near to each officer. They led us back to our garden, over our fence, through the neighbor's yard (the ones who had been shot at & called it in), over their fence, through bushes and to the street across from ours.

At this point we had no clue what was happening. My mom had been able to give us little information over the phone before we evacuated but when we approached she told us as much as she knew. The woman across the street had fired shots and was now holed up in her home.

For the next 4 1/2 hours we waited in the yard that overlooked our road, wondering if she would come out of her own accord or if they would be dragging her out in a body bag. They of course, had to wait so long to get warrants, search warrants, etc. It was excruciating. We sent my sister to a friend's house and my mom and I waited and waited and waited. At 9:00pm she surrendered to the SWAT team. She was then frisked and questioned on scene before being transported.

I tell you, it was quite eventful, and I feel pretty badarse right now, to say the least, but it is not something I'm wanting to endure again anytime soon.

I kicked myself for those 4.5 hours for not having my camera, but of course I couldn't resist taking a few on my phone.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

[what i'm loving wednesday]

I know I'm so late in the day getting this up, but let's face it, I was busy actually doing what I love on what I'm loving Wednesday.

Numero Uno: I'm loving Chick-fil-A sweet tea. Can we all agree that it is the nectar of the gods?

Number 2: I'm loving homemade sushi. I think there are only two kinds of people when it comes to sushi: the kind who loathe it and the kind who LOVE it. A person cannot just kind of like sushi. It is a very attention seeking food; it must have rave reviews or staunch criticism but it will not take halfhearted "meh" responses to its bizarre flavors. Didn't know I felt so passionately about attributing human emotions to some raw fish and rice did you? Anyway, though, I love making it myself. I have the bamboo mat & everything...okay, yes I am that person who buys the bamboo mat...

Lest you think I was awesome enough to photograph any of my sushi making experiences, I must correct you. This photo was taken by the dearies of OurMarriageProject who have since left the blog world. They are sorely missed.

Thirdly: I'm loving thrifting. I was introduced on Monday and I went again today... New obsession? It just might be. I bought some Express khakis, J.Crew cargo capris, Charlotte Russe top and Ann Taylor oxford shoes. For a grand total of $6! Holy half price day, Batman! Fiance still shakes his head when I tell him from whence I bought all of my new duds but he can't deny that name brands for less than $2 a piece is money saved that can be put into our mortgage jar.

4th and Final: I'm loving the aforementioned fiance. He may or may not be the wind beneath my wings, the chai in my latte and the designer to my clothes... He laughs at my crazy antics and then shows me up with his own craziness. Right now he is getting super sweaty, smelly and sunburned at flag football practice, but I wouldn't have it any other way. In just 87 days I get to marry that silly sucker and there's nothing he can do about it.

Happy Wednesday, blog world. I will see you tomorrow. Maybe bright and early, but more likely it'll be dark & late, I hope you understand.

[wordless wednesday, but with words]

So today is Wednesday and this is the trend: photos that are supposed to not have words connected with them but the bloggers just can't help but put words so it really defeats the purpose of wordless Wednesday, so it should really be "wordless Wednesday, but with words" according to Rachel.

Madre and I at her birthday dinner.

The hubcap & me.

You may notice that I am wearing mysterious, smock-looking attire. This is actually another of those "Jackie O" dresses that I thrifted on Monday. I belted it with a cotton belt and added a pink brooch with nude flats and, without prompting, was told that I resembled Jackie O. AND Audrey Hepburn. Score!! This will become a habit. Bloggers, be pleased with yourselves; you have taught me your thrifty ways. And just in time for the culture/wallet shock of living on a married budget. YIKES!

and then, she {snapped}

Monday, June 27, 2011

[his show, mum's day, and thrifting]

I must be the worst fiancee. Like really, I still haven't posted about how awesome Mr. C and the band, The Exchange, did on Saturday night at Smith's Olde Bar! We had quite a crowd for their CD release. HOLLA! Since I had to work the merch table (where are all the middle school girls who like to do this kind of thing? geez louise!) I didn't get to take any photos. However, there was a chick who managed to get too many quite a few photos of my boys...

Hubcap is in the middle...

BIG NEWS: Today is my mom's birthday! 
My mom has been there for me through my greatest trials and has encouraged me in them. She has been there during my life's disappointments and tough choices and has given me guidance. She has never once complained about what I ask of her but always does it with a compassionate and patient spirit. It is because of her steadiness in the hard times that I love to share the good times with her. I have never accomplished anything that credit cannot be shared with her. She is ever my sounding board, encourager, confidante and best friend. 20 years ago she was learning to be a mom, I think she has done an amazing job. Cheers to my mom!

Dear Mom, happy birthday to the sweetest, most adorable woman in the world. I smile when people tell me that I'm just like you, what a compliment!! I love you! Happy 51st!

Obviously this is not a recent picture. It was taken 9 years ago in Washington DC;
it remains our favorite picture of us ever taken. 
We maybe need to do a remake at my wedding....just a thought...

Other big news: I went thrifting for the first time today. Yes, shocker, a blogger who had never thrifted before?! Can it be so?! Indeed it can. I've always said I'm an anomaly... Here's the deal, you guys have inspired me to find cute real vintage stuff at super cheap rather than pay $40 for an imitation vintage dress from a website. I really just went in there to find some things for our reception but I came out with 4 dresses! I'm going to be looking like Jackie O. every time I wear one of these and that absolutely thrills me! Photos? Well duh..

This is one of the dresses. I belted it and threw on some of my grandmother's pearls. J'adore.

These are not thrifted, they are my own, but you needed to see the shoes that made the outfit.

I did find some vintage stuff for the reception. Ie this little set.

And this lantern.

And this little bowl (it also had two matching plates).

All in all, it was productive for my first time at it. Hopefully I will be getting some good photos of the birthday dinner tonight and will have those up eventually.

Oh and these next photos are per Kaysie's request, so don't think I'm braggin ;)

Okay, okay, I got a little carried away there for a minute! Have a lovely Monday, friends.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

[you didn't even want to know these things...]

Today's Top 5 Things...
[Things You Don't Know About Me]

1. I collect vintage cameras. This is due to many things, but mostly because I am a photographer and I love the feel of a camera in my hands. There isn't anything quite like holding a metal SLR camera in one's hands after one is so used to just tossing her D-SLR over her shoulder and moving about. The feel of my Minolta film SLR is exhilarating; not the feel alone, of course, because I love shooting with it as well. Ahhh cameras...

2. I am engaged to a rock star. I know, I know, this is awesome. Really, though, my fiance is the lead man in the band, The Exchange. So...that's pretty cool....

3. I'm having an unusual wedding. We are getting married with just our parents and siblings in attendance on a beach in Georgia and then two weeks later having our reception in Atlanta with all of our friends and relatives. Bizarre, huh?

4. I love crafts and painting. Me and every other blogger, I guess. However, I never cease to be amazed that God passed along His creative power and mind to us simple humans. That we have the power to create; to create more human beings, to create books, to create houses, to create works of art, is almost unbelievable. We are special creatures, that is certain.

5. I am a health nut. Hubcap is not. A friend of ours noticed this last night at the bar. I had ordered a turkey sandwich, soup and Diet Coke and the almost Mr. ordered fried chicken fingers, fries, and a Sweetwater Road Trip.  See the difference?

Saturday, June 25, 2011

[our engagement story]

I figured that since yesterday marked exactly 3 months until our wedding and 15 days ago marked being engaged for SIX MONTHS (geez louise!) I should probably do a little story about how Mr. C and I got engaged. Maybe the story of how we met should come first, but that is a long story and since when do I do what's expected anyway? Here goes...

Backstory: On August 8, 2010 Mr. C and I had been dating for less than a month but we were going on our like 18th date. You should know we were together ALL the time. We live in Atlanta and one of our favorite things to do is to wander aimlessly around Atlantic Station, eating, shopping, browsing, and people watching.

We were doing just that when we walked by a Kay jewelers and he joked about going in and picking out my ring. I laughed and we kept walking. We were heading back to the parking deck when we were in this beautiful alley between stores and the Mr. asked what I would say if he got on one knee and asked me to marry him right there. I told him that I would say yes.

I know, I know, you are all thinking "Oh my God! You guys were only dating for 20 days and he was already talking about marriage?!" Yeah well...that's just us. We know what we want and we go for it :)

Fast Forward: It's December 10, 2010 and we are again planning to go to Atlantic Station for the night. For the record, this is not suspicious because we did this frequently. In fact it wasn't suspicious because I was completely sure that he was going to propose when we went to Charleston the next day for a short day trip to the beach. Hindsight: He was planning to propose in Charleston on the beach but it was supposed to rain the day we were going.

We went shopping at H&M per usual and got him some shirts and I'm sure I got one thing or another. At that point I was "starving" so I asked him if we should just head out and get some sushi. He was pretty adamant that we should eat at Atlantic Station.

Due to there being a gazillion wonderful places in Atlantic Station we had to narrow it down. We were at an impasse when we could not decide between eating at a Mexican restaurant or an Italian one. Neither of us preferred one to the other so we decided that we would each "represent" a choice and we would Rock, Paper, Scissor to determine our dinner location. I represented the Italian restaurant and I won so we had dinner at Dolce. 

Dolce is this ritzy Italian restaurant and we were both pretty out of our element. I felt as though I should be in an evening gown or something. It is the type of place that everyone whispers and tables are surrounded by a sheer curtain. Not that I do not appreciate fine dining, but this was almost comical. I took off one of my rings, handed it to him and joked that he should propose at our table so we'd look like we were there for a reason. He chuckled and shifted nervously; which I assumed was because he was uncomfortable about us wearing jeans or something. Dinner went along much like that, I would chat and he would shift in his seat. We saw Jeff Francoeur but dinner was otherwise uneventful.

After that we went walking some more; I looked in a few different stores but mostly we were just wandering in the cold. I cannot lie, I was complaining a teensy bit about how freaking cold it was and asking him why we were still wandering around, and could we go back to the car? He managed to reprimand; reminding me that he told me to wear warm clothes! I didn't know that we'd be wandering around all night so how was I supposed to know I shouldn't wear jeans, a vneck, a scarf, a leather jacket and flats? At least I had some fingerless gloves on...

Anyway, we kept wandering. We went by the big Christmas tree in the center of the avenue that they put up every year and decorate with beautiful lights and tinsel. Then up this one alley and then we went about halfway down this other one and he said "Remember when we came here in August and I asked what you would do if I got down on one knee and proposed right here?" I said "yes." He asked, "And what did you say?" "Yes." "Well what if this time we make it real?" "Okay." (I didn't believe him because he has a history of "proposing" a lot).

So he said "Yeah?" and he got down on one knee and said "Will you marry me? Will you spend forever with me as my wife?" So I cried and hugged him and he said "Is that a yes? If it is I think I'll get up now." So I said yes, took my glove off and he put the ring on my finger and I cried some more. Then when I had finally dried the tears he said, "What if, instead of going to Charleston we go to Mississippi to see Heather before she leaves for China?" So I said yes and cried some more.

The history behind asking if we should go to Mississippi is because that's where I lived for three years, attending college, and my best friends still lived there. My closest friend in particular, Heather, lived there and would be leaving for a month for China on a mission trip. So being the wonderful man that he is he had been communicating back and forth with her for a month, planning a trip there so that I could tell her all about the proposal in person! He really had planned everything to a "T" for the proposal. I'm so blessed to call this man by "almost-husband."

That's our story. I hope that I didn't bore your pretty brains with the extensive detail but I wanted to make sure that I didn't forget anything. I would show you pictures but I don't have any of us actually getting engaged. Shocker, huh? I ALWAYS have my camera with me, right? In fact, one of the stipulations I had made along the way was telling him that when he proposed he should be sure that I brought my camera.... Oh boys... He said he couldn't come up with a reason to tell me to bring it along on our date. So I don't have any super cute pictures of him proposing, but that's okay maybe we'll re-enact it when it gets cold again.

Here are the pictures I do have...

He did a good job of picking it out.

My loves!

This is the day we went to Mississippi. We look so rough from the day of travel and visiting with friends.

Me and Heather. She and Colin got engaged the next month. And you can see some photos from their wedding here.

And here are a few of our engagement photos:

Hope you have a lovely freakin' weekend my dearests!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

[blog gets a makeover]

Hot dang two whole posts in a day. I must be avoiding something important have a lot to say.

If you've noticed that my blog has had a makeover then I commend you; because that means that you've actually been looking at my blog. Ha! I've decided that my closet also needs a makeover but I don't foresee that happening in the near future due to our wedding/acquisition of our house/car problems, the list goes on... So I decided to see if I could shake up what I have. I should hire someone to dress me. I guess that would require some dinero so I guess I can't do that either. Hmmmph.

Enough about me, back to the blog. Sorry, bloggy, didn't mean to steal your spotlight. It's gotten a simplified little overhaul. My header is an homage to my upcoming wedding where I will, ahem, become Mrs. Coons. I wish I was more clever, I really do. ;) P.S. said wedding is in 92 days! Yikes! Where has the time gone?? We got engaged over 6 months ago and it feels like I have done ZERO planning until this point. That isn't true, of course, but seeing all that is left to do really makes it seem that way!

I'll be sure to get more into wedding posts, etc. in the next few days/weeks. Perhaps even our engagement story, if you're into that sort of thing ;) I'll probably also have to throw in the story about how we had to overhaul our wedding due to unforeseen circumstances, just so you understand why I am overwhelmed with only 3 months left until our day. I'd love to hear about your own engagement stories, or stories of how you and your man started dating! If you have a post about it, comment the link; if you don't then comment the story! Ta-ta for the night.

Happy blogging, buddies!

[sweets, shopping & shoes]

Yesterday I went out with my mom for something that equates to the "most girly day" of my life.

We started by having lunch at a tearoom. We did not mean to go to this particular restaurant; we were looking for a sandwich/coffeeshop in which to spend some time reading and chatting. We wound up at a restaurant out of the Victorian era.

Scones & cream.

Chicken salad croissants and pasta salad.

After our bizarre lunch we went shopping. (Duh what else do you do on a uber girly day?). I bought these little cuties. Fiance decided that they are his favorite shoes that I own when I debuted them at dinner last night.

Then I bought some non-girly, wedding related items... Canvases & new oil paints for various and sundry wedding decor.

Finally, I was a good fiancee and bought hubcap a new pair of tennys. He's pretty pleased.

Happy Thursday, dahlings!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

[vacation and 5 faves]

Mr. C and I have started singing a particular song for 4 days now. It began as "99 days til our wedding on the wall, 99 days til our wedding. Take one down tomorrow and then we only have 98 days til our wedding on the wall." Well, we have sung that, as I said for 4 days now. I do not foresee this ending anytime soon, if ever. So...95 days til our wedding on the wall, 95 days til...okay okay that's enough.

Future hubcap and I (and his brother, G) made the 6 hour trek back to A-town yesterday from our glorious weekend at Pensacola beach. We spent three days in a 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom condo with: his mom, his brother, R, sister-in-law J, niece, nephew, and brother, G. Holy ton of people, Batman!

His brother, sister-in-law, niece & nephew were in one room. The kids slept on an air mattress, that didn't deflate, more on that in a bit. His mom had a room and G, Mr. C and I all slept in the living room. It started out fairly comfortably, Mr. C had a couch, G wasn't home yet and I had a huge, double decker air mattress. Unfortunately I woke up at 4 am and found myself on the floor with two huge air bulges on my sides. "Must have had a hole in it" was the popular phrase the next morning. Uh duh! So I grabbed my pillow and blanket and confiscated the other couch. Poor G had to sleep on the floor.

We had a great time, got WAY too much sun, ate, drank, shopped and had a lovely time with family.

Five Faves/Vacation Edition:

This book is a perfect beach read because it will suck you in and before you know it you are a nice mocha brown color and it's time to eat lunch. Water for Elephants is not my favorite book ever written, but I did need to see what the hype was about. I do like it. 

So, yes the only music I listened to was that of my future husband... But hey when you've got steak at home why go out for hamburger?

Now I'm something of a pesca-vegetarian. I love seafood but land animals tend to make me nauseous. It's not because I hate what is done to them, etc. It's really just because I have a meat allergy so they make me nauseous. I cannot let you be under any false pretenses that I'm a good person ha So anyway this was the great part of vacationing on the beach: seafood!!

This was my clothing inspiration for the beach. I wore strapless bikinis (hello, strapless wedding dress!) in a nautical stripe, I had my Audrey Hepburn-esque floppy hat and a straw fedora, and well, of course, my camera.

What are your favorites on vacation?
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