Thursday, June 16, 2011

[graduates, weddings, Warriors, and villages]

Holy 2 1/2 months since I last posted, Batman!

It has been the busiest almost-three months of my life (so far). April went by with little fanfare aside from graduating with my Bachelor of Science degree in Cultural Anthropology on the last day of the month. I then spent the next week in Jackson, MS. My best friend, H, was graduating the Saturday after I did and then marrying my other best friend, C, on that Sunday! So I stayed with her for the week to support her and help her get ready! After their wedding on the 8th I headed back home for my last week at work. Here are a few photos of all of that:
Graduating Summa Cum Laude...
Best friend! I'm so proud of her! She graduated Cum Laude with her degree in Education!

C & H getting married.
So happy for her!! Can't wait for my own wedding in 100 days!

The weekend after work ended for the summer (holla for being a teacher!) I ran the Warrior Dash:

Climbing the wall...
Jumping over the fire...

Happy with my medal and my time!

Then we run into June. My entire June until now was spent in Honduras, doing mission work. The way we do missions is we go to the mountains, to Tolupan villages where no one has set foot and we bring seeds, bags of dried grain, and hearts and hands willing to assist them in whatever manner they ask of us.

The Tolupan people are ostracized because they are not mestizos (Hondurans who are of Spanish descent); but rather they are directly of Mayan descent. They are darker, have different facial features, and live, by force, on reservations on mountains of the Montana La Flor region. I have been ministering to these people for 7 years now and my heart for them grows each time I go. Oh, you want photos of this too? Well, if you insist...
This is our team with a Tolupan chief and his wives.

One of the homes in Higuerito.
It took many long, arduous hikes to get there, but it was so worth it.
One of the little girls in Ceibita. 
We gave a Tolupan chief some tools with which to farm.
Some Tolupan women...
Finally, a Tolupan chief in Higuerito...

So, as you can see I have been more than a little busy and at times, fully unable to post (being as I was in remote mountains) but I hope that this brings you up to date and that I will soon be back to posting about the upcoming nuptials. Did I mention that those are in 100 days?? Holy excitement, Batman!

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