Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Last night the future husband and I went to a pre-season Braves game. We had great seats just near the dugout on the first baseline. We purchased our hot dogs, pop in collectors cups, and I grabbed a hot chocolate (due to it being "cold" - give me a break I'm a Georgian, 50 degrees is cold!) and we got comfortable in our seats.

I had a beautiful surprise at the beginning of the game - my littles sang the National Anthem to open the game! I had no idea that they were going to do that, I jumped over Mr. C trying to get a picture while saying "Oh my gosh! My students are down there! Those are my kids!" I was so happy to see them and so proud!

I imagine that parents have this feeling all of the time, they are proud of their child's accomplishments big and small. Mister and I talk often about our future kids but know that they are far, far in the future. However, right now I am content to have 40 or so littles who I can send home at 3:30 and to whom I only have to feed one meal and a snack. I do not have to pay for their sneakers or toys, etc. 

Although I've no doubt that when the time comes, after we're married, and a bit down the road, to have littles of our own, we will be excited and the Lord will prepare us and give us peace about it. So to all of you who have children (and perhaps lots of them) I commend you - it is hard to raise children, especially in this world! Always lean on the Lord for guidance and wisdom in raising your children and do not be afraid to be your child's parent and not their friend.

To Mr. C.,
You are going to be a great father one day because you are already a great man and fantastic fiancĂ©. When we were at the Braves game last night you said to me, "I can't wait to bring our son here to the field and tell him about the players." You know what? I will cherish those moments when you teach our son to be a man and you give him all of the love and attention that you got from your brother, Ronnie who was more of a dad to you than anyone was. I love you, future Mr.!

Love, the future Mrs. Coons

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