Monday, March 28, 2011

[being patient & travelling across 5 states in 4 days]

This weekend was a little bit of a strain for the mister and me. I was in Mississippi and Texas this past weekend shooting a wedding for some of my good friends. The conflict happened because he believed I was having fun with friends and having glamorous lunches and traipsing around with my camera. He would text or call and I would be unable to answer because I was constantly tied up in what I was doing.

I travelled over 24 hours in 4 days driving from ATL to Jackson, MS to Dallas, TX. When I was not travelling I was working, shooting the wedding or setting up and prepping for shooting said wedding, or editing photos after the wedding, having lunch, promoting my business. It was an intense, stressful and tiring weekend but the mister saw it as me jet-setting for a mini vacation. Oh the trials of misunderstanding what your partner feels.

Of course I knew that he was lonely and missing me but I did not give the proper thought to his feelings that I ought to have. Especially since he was worried about me travelling at all hours of the night, and in the rain, and I just blew him off and told him to quit checking in on me every 30 minutes. We must learn to be more patient and understanding of one another. That's what I am working toward, though, and one of the joys of becoming Mrs. Coons - learning to understand the Mr.

In closing, here is a photo from the wedding I shot this weekend of my good friends, Jared & Charlotte:

And here is a favourite from the ceremony. 

Charlotte had just seen her cupcake tower for the first time as she arrived at the venue.


  1. Beautiful photos! And yes, relationships take lots of work, aka patience! Whew. It's sooooo worth it though:-) xoxo

  2. You said it so well.. we will forever be learining to be patient and understanding of our partner! Your photos look beautiful! Congratulations on your upcoming wedding!


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