Thursday, March 24, 2011

[weekend and a wedding]

Last night was a tough one for the future hubs. I spent yesterday at work, teaching the littles, working on my classes, going to the library, having dinner with my lovely mother, then meeting up with Mr. C at Kroger to buy some pop & fill a prescription.

Granted, that does not sound tough at all. What was difficult was that he knew that it would be the last time we were able to spend time with each other until Monday. 4 days, shouldn't be a big dang deal. To him it is, though, and I think it is because I am going back to TX & MS, where I used to live with all of my friends, and he is afraid I will stay there and never come home. While it is tempting for the first day or so, by day three I am usually ready to rejoin him in the comfort of GA...

I am excited about this weekend because not only do I get to go back "home" to see my best & dearest lovies; I am also photographing the wedding of two of these lovies! Excitement! It's the first wedding of the year for my little biz so I have many ideas ready to come bursting out of my pretty little head. I will post some of the photos at the beginning of next week! For now, here is a photo from my last wedding:


  1. how exciting! first wedding of the year, have fun!! I HATE leaving my husband, even for one day. Seriously. :)

  2. It was certainly a fun time out there but it was hard to leave my fiancé for those few days. I think it wasn't even so much the amount of days, but how many miles were between us. We often spend days apart but we know that the other is just a few miles away. 6,000 is a different story, though!


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