Wednesday, March 16, 2011

[what i'm loving wednesday]

Since today has been such a day of non-motivation to do anything school or wedding related I should probably procrastinate by teaming up with other bloggers who aren't doing school or wedding shtuff either. Jamie challenged us to think about what we love today. Here goes...

I'm loving the future Mr.

I'm loving signing up for the Warrior Dash.
Warrior Dash - White Tanktop

I am really loving this little cutie:
(Too bad future Mr. won't let us get him...booo)

I'm loving making fun craft projects as gifts for people (ie this little diddy)

I'm loving writing letters in journals to give to the future hubs on our wedding day.

I love that I can look like I'm not a ghost even though I haven't gone to the tanning bed this year 
(yay for avoiding melanoma!)

Finally, I'm loving this weather which enables me to lay outside in the grass reading children's books.
[Where the Wild Things Are - what what!]


  1. Oh...the warrior dash, very fun. We are looking at doing the great urban race! That'll definitely be fun.

    That puppy looks just like my Roman Noodle when he was a baby, ahh, I miss it! I think you need to talk the future Mr. into a puppy!

  2. Have fun with the Warrior Dash, it's a blast:-) xoxo

  3. I wish I could be laying outside reading Where the Wild Things Are! Still 40 in Ohio.

  4. love love love this post!...and your blog! And saw what?! You're engaged to a total rockstar?? Awesome.



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