Saturday, July 2, 2011

[31 for 31 - an introduction & a day late]

Good morning, Saturday! You are looking lovely, as always. I'm so happy for all of the loveliness that you... bring me today: pool party, cook out, time with Mr. C, giggles with girlfriends...I'm pretty pumped, that's for dang sure.

So I remixed Kendi's remix of 30 for 30; and made it 31 for 31, because well duh July has 31 days! I chose 31 items total and will have to wear a combination of only these items for the month of July. It is all about learning to work with what I have. I will also not be buying any new clothing items during this time period. 

I believe that this will truly open up a whole new viewpoint of being a good steward of what I have as well as being content with what I have. Obviously I have much more than 31 items in my closet, but this is a challenge of being humble and realizing that we, especially Americans, have more than we need or deserve.

So I took these items:

7 bottoms: a mix of jeans, shorts, & trousers+3 dresses: two maxis and one cocktail length (not shown)+3 tanks (not shown)+1 skirt+1 blazer+6 pairs of shoes: wedges, two flats, boots, oxfords and sandals+10 tops: sheer tanks, vneck tees, a sweater, a button up, solid/striped tees=31 items for 31 days.

That was yesterday, July 1=Day 1. I'll have photos of today's outfit up in a bit when I get out of gym clothes - hallelujah that those don't have to take up some of my items!

I'd like for you all to join me, and join Kendi and all of the others who are being brave and shopping their own closets. You might learn a lot about yourself over this next month!


  1. I love this blog switch! I had this background on mine for a little bit! :)
    And I think my new favorite song is playing in the background, which is every song that plays when I visit ya.

    LOVE the shoes, all of them...

  2. @Kaysie: I get bored with the layout way too easily aha


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