Saturday, July 2, 2011

[31 for 31 - Day 2]

Today I'm wearing...
Accessories: Old Navy scarf, Kohl's cotton belt and Charlotte Russe peacock feather bangle.

I won't lie, it has been cool to talk to people about my decision to do this challenge. I saw a lot of my friends today at a pool party and they had all read about the challenge on my Facebook. I feel like it really opens people's eyes to the fact that we can get creative with stuff we already own!

So many people have told me "There is no way I could do that!" Um why not? I can understand not wanting to try it out, of course. After all, if you are content with what you have and do not have urges to buy every cute new thing you see then heck you have more willpower than I do; but that you can't? Preposterous! I'd definitely urge everyone to try it, even for a week and just see how creative you can get.

Plus, it's funny how many compliments you will get just by straying from the same old thing you always wear. I have worn each of these pieces before but never together in this particular combination. I have worn the yellow shirt with a cardigan, a scarf, skinny jeans and flats; the skirt I have worn with more dressy tops, cardigans, etc. Pairing the two was fun and new and people noticed!

So my challenge to you is that even if you don't decide to do the whole challenge, at least try to see how creative you can be with your closet tomorrow!

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