Monday, August 15, 2011


I know that you are all ready to give up on me! I am so so sorry that I have been AWOL, MIA and all of those other fun military terms about leaving people hanging.

The reason for my absence is that I have been working from morning to night in various areas. Here are the awesome things that are going on which wake me up super early and then make me pass out from exhaustion when the day is done:

1. Teaching Kindergarten! We don't get the kiddos until tomorrow, but if you've ever taught or know about the pre-planning, post-planning, and teacher workdays, you understand that I've been working my btuschkas off getting the classroom ready and being in in-service meetings. Maybe students are correct in thinking that we live at the school?

2. The lady finally moved out of our house! However...she left it a DISASTER! The carpet needs to be steam cleaned probably 8 times before we can get the dog smell out. Plus we need to paint, scrape faux stucco off the walls, and pressure wash the siding. Let's not even think about landscaping yet.

3. Wedding & Reception. Holy geez. It makes me so sad that these have been all but put on the back-burner. I'm hoping that I'll get up some energy soon so that I can finalize all of the things related to marrying the Mr. :)

4. My car is having electrical problems. So (almost) husband and I have had to switch cars just about every other day. I just want MY car! It is just a headlight relay or something, but I can't drive to work (early in the morning) or in the evening without a headlight!

So with all of these exciting things, I am unfortunately slacking in the blogging department. And all of a sudden I just BAM! hit you with all of the fabulous things going on in my life. I hope you have fabulous things going on in yours too!

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  1. jeez, woman! you sound buuusy! looks like i started following at a bad time but i'm not ready to give up on you! haha :P can't wait for most posts... and now that you've mentioned you're engaged and planning a wedding and reception, i'm going to go scour your blog for posts about that :) haha can't get enough!

    love your blog, pretty lady! and your playlist too, actually.
    see ya around (hopefully soon, right) hha


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