Sunday, July 29, 2012

Almost One Year In...

I will tell you, I am still learning to become Mrs. Coons. This will be an ongoing process as I take on the upcoming years of our marriage, but there is nothing more worth it to me. As I type this Mr. Coons is telling me that watching Ryan Lochte is like "looking in a mirror." Let's be honest, Mr. C is more of a "Phelps" than a "Lochte" but I'm not about to dash his hopes and dreams. ;)

Have you all had a grand summer? Mine has been crazy! My first week of vacation is coming up TOMORROW! (Insert Hallelujah chorus) We will be heading to Panama City Beach with our best friends on Thursday so be on the lookout for some photos of that. Let's hope that they are legitimate photos from my DSLR & not Instagram photos, but no promises.

Mrs. Coons lately:

My fellow teachers/TAs and I went to a wedding at Biltmore for our sweet Kindergarten co-worker, A.

A & G are now married! Congrats, lovelies!

                      I turned this ^                         into                               this ^.

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