Saturday, June 25, 2011

[our engagement story]

I figured that since yesterday marked exactly 3 months until our wedding and 15 days ago marked being engaged for SIX MONTHS (geez louise!) I should probably do a little story about how Mr. C and I got engaged. Maybe the story of how we met should come first, but that is a long story and since when do I do what's expected anyway? Here goes...

Backstory: On August 8, 2010 Mr. C and I had been dating for less than a month but we were going on our like 18th date. You should know we were together ALL the time. We live in Atlanta and one of our favorite things to do is to wander aimlessly around Atlantic Station, eating, shopping, browsing, and people watching.

We were doing just that when we walked by a Kay jewelers and he joked about going in and picking out my ring. I laughed and we kept walking. We were heading back to the parking deck when we were in this beautiful alley between stores and the Mr. asked what I would say if he got on one knee and asked me to marry him right there. I told him that I would say yes.

I know, I know, you are all thinking "Oh my God! You guys were only dating for 20 days and he was already talking about marriage?!" Yeah well...that's just us. We know what we want and we go for it :)

Fast Forward: It's December 10, 2010 and we are again planning to go to Atlantic Station for the night. For the record, this is not suspicious because we did this frequently. In fact it wasn't suspicious because I was completely sure that he was going to propose when we went to Charleston the next day for a short day trip to the beach. Hindsight: He was planning to propose in Charleston on the beach but it was supposed to rain the day we were going.

We went shopping at H&M per usual and got him some shirts and I'm sure I got one thing or another. At that point I was "starving" so I asked him if we should just head out and get some sushi. He was pretty adamant that we should eat at Atlantic Station.

Due to there being a gazillion wonderful places in Atlantic Station we had to narrow it down. We were at an impasse when we could not decide between eating at a Mexican restaurant or an Italian one. Neither of us preferred one to the other so we decided that we would each "represent" a choice and we would Rock, Paper, Scissor to determine our dinner location. I represented the Italian restaurant and I won so we had dinner at Dolce. 

Dolce is this ritzy Italian restaurant and we were both pretty out of our element. I felt as though I should be in an evening gown or something. It is the type of place that everyone whispers and tables are surrounded by a sheer curtain. Not that I do not appreciate fine dining, but this was almost comical. I took off one of my rings, handed it to him and joked that he should propose at our table so we'd look like we were there for a reason. He chuckled and shifted nervously; which I assumed was because he was uncomfortable about us wearing jeans or something. Dinner went along much like that, I would chat and he would shift in his seat. We saw Jeff Francoeur but dinner was otherwise uneventful.

After that we went walking some more; I looked in a few different stores but mostly we were just wandering in the cold. I cannot lie, I was complaining a teensy bit about how freaking cold it was and asking him why we were still wandering around, and could we go back to the car? He managed to reprimand; reminding me that he told me to wear warm clothes! I didn't know that we'd be wandering around all night so how was I supposed to know I shouldn't wear jeans, a vneck, a scarf, a leather jacket and flats? At least I had some fingerless gloves on...

Anyway, we kept wandering. We went by the big Christmas tree in the center of the avenue that they put up every year and decorate with beautiful lights and tinsel. Then up this one alley and then we went about halfway down this other one and he said "Remember when we came here in August and I asked what you would do if I got down on one knee and proposed right here?" I said "yes." He asked, "And what did you say?" "Yes." "Well what if this time we make it real?" "Okay." (I didn't believe him because he has a history of "proposing" a lot).

So he said "Yeah?" and he got down on one knee and said "Will you marry me? Will you spend forever with me as my wife?" So I cried and hugged him and he said "Is that a yes? If it is I think I'll get up now." So I said yes, took my glove off and he put the ring on my finger and I cried some more. Then when I had finally dried the tears he said, "What if, instead of going to Charleston we go to Mississippi to see Heather before she leaves for China?" So I said yes and cried some more.

The history behind asking if we should go to Mississippi is because that's where I lived for three years, attending college, and my best friends still lived there. My closest friend in particular, Heather, lived there and would be leaving for a month for China on a mission trip. So being the wonderful man that he is he had been communicating back and forth with her for a month, planning a trip there so that I could tell her all about the proposal in person! He really had planned everything to a "T" for the proposal. I'm so blessed to call this man by "almost-husband."

That's our story. I hope that I didn't bore your pretty brains with the extensive detail but I wanted to make sure that I didn't forget anything. I would show you pictures but I don't have any of us actually getting engaged. Shocker, huh? I ALWAYS have my camera with me, right? In fact, one of the stipulations I had made along the way was telling him that when he proposed he should be sure that I brought my camera.... Oh boys... He said he couldn't come up with a reason to tell me to bring it along on our date. So I don't have any super cute pictures of him proposing, but that's okay maybe we'll re-enact it when it gets cold again.

Here are the pictures I do have...

He did a good job of picking it out.

My loves!

This is the day we went to Mississippi. We look so rough from the day of travel and visiting with friends.

Me and Heather. She and Colin got engaged the next month. And you can see some photos from their wedding here.

And here are a few of our engagement photos:

Hope you have a lovely freakin' weekend my dearests!


  1. Girlfriend, you are so pretty.
    I loved reading this, because I will be typing one eventually myself. It hasn't happened yet, so I'm still in the 'ring browsing online wondering how it will happen' stage
    You write so well! It was not boring at all :)

  2. Hi there! Thanks for following my blog today! I'm loving yours and am following now too!

    Your engagement pictures are phenomenal and how exciting your wedding is coming up so soon! Hope you'll link up for some Bridal Talk Tuesdays on my blog!

    xoxo, elizabeth

  3. @Elizabeth: I will definitely have to do that! Sorry that I missed it this week but I'll definitely link up next week!

  4. Omg sooo sweet. I teared up. I love reading engagement stories. You guys are so adorable. Can't wait to see wedding pictures in a few months!

  5. @Anna: thanks girl! I can't wait to see wedding pictures, either! That means the planning is done, I am the proud owner of a hubcap and we're chilling in our new home ;)


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