Friday, July 8, 2011

[awkward & awesome thursday]

All I had to type in that little title box was "[a" and Blogger said "uh duh this means you're finally getting around to your awkward & awesome Thursday post....when it's 20 minutes from Friday." Well listen here, Blogger, I don't need your 'tude, okay? I spent all day doing errands and then at premarital there...

For real, though, guys. I'm such a bad friend; I just post pictures of my clothes and then I'm all "deuces see you tomorrow." Do I get brownie points for visiting you and at least communicating via your blog, though not my own? Huh? Do I?

You all know how awkward my life is [this hasn't ever happened to me, though I'm sure it's simply a matter of time] but luckily I can throw some fun "awesomes" in today.

PS Every time I see this photo I may or may not (okay I do, I'll admit it) want to recreate this photo for myself. Isn't she adorable?

  • I found out tonight at dinner with our premarital counselors that Mr. C reads the old b-to-the-log, here. I must admit, I scrolled through older posts to make sure I was always gracious about him. Seriously, I knew I hadn't ever said anything unkind but that doesn't mean I wasn't still scared.
  • I talk about kids all the time. Like, we don't even have a little ounce of desire for them in the near future and yet I can't quit bringing them up. Someone muzzle me!
  • I got locked in the bathroom at the restaurant tonight. No one knew, thank goodness, because I only screamed silently to myself kept myself under control and didn't let claustrophobia get the best of me. 
  • Spoiler! This is another bullet point about being in the bathroom at dinner. I wore suspenders today and let me tell you, those things are a pain in the royal rear to get off when your bladder is about to combust. Thankfully I've been potty trained for a year or two now and I'm able to hold it even in stressful scenarios like having to figure out a way to take of the 'spenders. (This is where you praise me for a job well done and give me and M&M or something, right?)
  • When the girl at Plato's closet was wearing the same shirt as I was. I shouldn't be fazed, since our outfits were totally different, but it will still humble you when a 16 year old has on your shirt. This is what I get for still shopping at American Eagle...
  • I feel the need to remind you that I got rescued by SWAT. Uh yeah, that's pretty awesome. Duh. If you haven't read the story, you can read it here.
  • This past week I was present to witness a flash mob. What what?! I even knew a few of the participants. And by knew, I mean I babysat them a long time ago. Made. me. feel. OLD. Anyway, here's the video...I'd love to pretend like I am not the unsteady hand behind the camera, but I was... I only claim to be a photographer, not a videographer, give me a break ;)

  • Gap now sends their receipts via email if you opt for it. Uh duh! Where have you been all of my life? My purse would weigh about 7 pounds less if I would just clean it out every so often every place would email their receipts.
  • Finally, spending time with a godly couple from whom we seek guidance and answers, is the most awesome thing of the day. They really inspired us tonight to just enjoy. They reminded us that when it comes down to it, all we have is each other and toilet paper going over or under is too trivial to argue. By the by - hubcap and I do not argue this issue, we agree that it will be over in our home, but still, it was a good example of stupid shiz that couples fight about.
What awkward things have happened to you this week?

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